Foundation Nakao will be a small light, globally. But people who understand and appreciate our efforts will put their own light next to ours. So, gradually, the world will become brighter and lighter.

Establishing the Nakao foundation

There are three main reasons behind establishing the foundation. First is to help with disease prevention on global scale. Second is the aging of the population and the specific pressures that puts on dentists to care for their geriatric patients. And third is to assist higher education and scientific research. These are the three pillars of the vision of the Foundation Nakao.

Additionally, Foundation Nakao will promote research and education in the area of dental medicine. Mr Nakao hopes that the foundation will become a truly effective vehicle in supporting scientific exchange between universities, dental professionals and the dental industry.

Selection of Foundation Nakao Grant Winners and Supporting Projects have began 

On March 19, 2020, at the midst of battle against COVID-19, Foundation Nakao’s 2nd Management Board Meeting was held through Web Conference as IADR 100th Centennial General Session and Exhibition was suddenly cancelled. All of 6 Management Board Members from the world participated (Meeting was held at 8am in CET but some board members joined at 2am their local time).

There were total of 40 Grant Applications submitted to Foundation Nakao and 6 Grant Winners will be selected. Also there will be other projects that Foundation Nakao will support. The final decision will be made after the approval of Foundation Board which is expected to be in April.

As for 2nd Foundation Nakao Grant application, it is currently scheduled to be open from September 21, 2020 and closing on December 19, 2020. Although we plan to announce officially through this website.

The First Foundation Nakao Grant Application Closes

The First Foundation Nakao Grant Application has successfully closed as of December 3, 2019.

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